Monday, January 10, 2011

Be Active.

As many as 12% of all deaths -- 250,000 per year -- in the U.S. may be attributed indirectly to the lack of regular physical activity, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Only about one in four Americans exercise enough to be considered physically active, according to the government's guidelines.

By exercising regularly you're likely to become trimmer and fitter even if your weight stays the same, since you're building muscle and burning body fat. As a suggestion, begin by walking for 30 minutes each day  for a week, then gradually increase the distance, walking speed or time spent on your daily routine.

Working in your garden is another great alternative to add to your regimen. Using the old-fashioned gas-powered push lawnmower will burn 420 to 480 calories an hour -- that's the equivalent of a game of tennis! Even the less strenuous forms of gardening like weeding, trimming and raking can burn about 300 calories an hour if you're working energetically and at a constant pace.

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