Saturday, March 26, 2011

Big Plates Equal Big Waistlines.

Your diet plan and New Year's resolution aren't working? Take a tip from Brian Wansink. Brian heads Cornell University's Food and Brand Lab. In his book "Mindless Eating", Wansink noted that "the amount people serve themselves goes up about 22 percent" when you go from a 10-inch plate to a 12-inch plate. And since the 60's,  dinner plate sizes have increased 36 percent.

Think a 9-inch plate is better? Not likely. "Sometimes people start realizing they've served themselves less and go back for seconds and thirds," he said. It's about discipline. Decide that you are committed to becoming healthy and concentrate on serving size. Coupled with an appropriately-sized plate, your portions will satisfy and allow you to watch your waistline.

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